About Us

Buy Airline Miles is staffed with experienced mileage professionals who want to get you the best deal on the airline miles you need. We were inspired to start this site because we could no longer stand by and watch frequent travelers pay airlines 3.5 cents or more per mile, just because they were a few miles short of a ticket or an upgrade.

At Buy Airline Miles, we believe that everyone deserves to travel in comfort without spending a small fortune. As airlines continue to drive up prices, travelers have to be even more vigilant in making sure they are getting the best deal, which is where our site comes in.

Buy Airline Miles is partnered with a number of businesses that earn millions of credit card points every month. Our knowledgeable team knows that those points can translate into miles on a huge variety of airlines. We take advantage of these partnerships to get our customers cheaper airline miles whenever they need them.

When you visit Buy Airline Miles, just tell us how many points you need and on which airline and we will do the rest. Upon the completion of your purchase, we transfer your miles directly into your account and you can use them just like any other miles to book award tickets and upgrades. All at a fraction of the cost the airlines would charge you. Buy Airline Miles offers you an easy and affordable solution to any mileage shortage so that you can travel comfortably whenever and wherever you want to go.