Terms & Conditions

  1. We, at buyairlinemiles.com, are in no way affiliated with any of the respective, selected airlines.
  2. We cannot guarantee award flight availability at any respective, selected airline.
  3. We cannot be held responsible for any grievance that you may encounter in your dealings with the airline, either whilst booking is in progress or once the ticket has been issued.
  4. Due to the complexity and time sensitive nature of our industry, all sales are non-refundable once transfer of miles to your account has been completed. This includes cancellation, reversal and inter-account transfer.

It is the responsibility of the client (yourself) to provide us with accurate and correct information, including your mileage account number and the first and last names listed under that account. Any inaccurate or incorrect information may delay transfer or result in a transfer to the wrong account: in either case, we will not be held responsible