Best Frequent Flyer Tools

Want help managing your frequent flyer miles, but don’t know where to start? Check out a few helpful online tools for ensuring you get the very most out of your loyalty program(s). Compare programs, look to certain websites for tips and ideas, and much more:

Comparison Sites

Sites such as and allow you to easily compare frequent flyer mile programs and find optimal reward rates. is one option that works by typing in destinations and selecting destinations from the site’s auto-complete options. The application then calculates the air miles/points needed for the trip; select as many programs as you want for easy comparing and contrasting. works in a similar fashion and features a variety of information on program types, award options, and more.

Frequent Flyer Blogs, eBooks and Newsletters

Look to frequent flyer blogs for awesome tips and other helpful information. is a great example, with the site’s beginner’s guide featuring an array of useful tips. Some of the best tips from the beginner’s guide include opening a mileage/points credit card that offers a huge sign-up bonus, paying with credit cards whenever possible to earn points, shopping online using mileage malls, and enrolling in as many airline, car rental, hotel, and dining programs as you can. Mileage mall options include Delta SkyMiles Shopping Mall and United Mileage Plus Mall.

eBooks are another solid option regarding frequent flyer tips, such as Travis Sherry’s Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles, considered a fantastic source for getting the most out of miles. “First Class Flyer” is a monthly pdf newsletter featuring strategies on first and business class flying in addition to offering info about frequent flyer programs.

Trip Planning Sites

Help yourself plan the best trip for the lowest price using planning sites such as, and Such sites help you find the best seats on each flight, as well as information on real-time flight availability, seat maps, award/upgrade availability, and more.

Flight Trackers

Flight tracking sites are also helpful when managing points and scheduling trips. FlightTrack 5 is a tracking app, while USA Today offers a flight tracker option. is a tracker for domestic flights only, and is yet another possibility.

Check out these and other frequent flyer online tools, and use these tools for planning low-cost, amazing trips with your miles. Good luck, and happy travels!