Fly First Class to Hong Kong for a Fraction of Regular Airfare

Hong Kong is, without a doubt, one of Earth’s most diverse cities. Both cosmopolitan and ancient, Hong Kong hosts some of the most beautiful Chinese temples and a skyline to rival even the most modern metropolises. The city has two enormous theme parks, several open-air markets, a history of kung fu legends, the heaviest bridge in the world, and the most restaurants and cafes per capita anywhere. There are numerous aquatic features, from extraordinary tropical beaches, to the harbors, bays, and fishing communities that dot the coastline. The shopping deals in Hong Kong are unparalleled. The cuisine is excellent, with amazing dim sum bars, milk teas, curries, fishball noodles, and of course, exotic soy sauce choices. Since its inception in 1842, the culture has been bursting with an international flair. And with over a hundred consulates, the city of Hong Kong is connected with the rest of the world.

So, getting there might be the most difficult part. Continue reading

Make Your Dream Summer Vacation a Reality with Airline Miles

Tourism is an expensive endeavor. Everyone wants to travel, but many people forgo their dream vacations due to money or lack of free time – but these are poor excuses! In this era of non-stop work, we’ve got to make time and save a little money for travel and leisure.

Step 1: Pick a Destination

First, figure out where you would want to go. Many people love to take trips to Europe because there’s a great deal of history and diversity in a central location. South America is also a popular region to visit for its rich culture, music and art, and of course, the beautiful seaside views. There are also several exciting places to visit in the Orient, exotic places that can alter your worldview. Or perhaps you were thinking of traveling someplace closer to home: U.S. and Canada have many terrific spots worth visiting. Continue reading