The Benefits Of Flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, there’s much to be said for a service that’s geared 100% toward making you feel like a welcome VIP. When you buy Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles, you’ll get to experience it firsthand…without the excessive price-tag. If you’re between meetings, you’ll be able to catch a few hours of welcome respite and pampering on board your VA Upper Class flight; whilst en-route to your first holiday destination, you’ll be given a forerunner of what luxury is all about.

VA Upper Class benefits start with speedy and convenient transits, all tailor-made to ensure that you reach your destination with the absolute minimum effort on your part. Transit benefits include optional limo pickup and drop-off; drive through check-in and baggage claim, plus club-house benefits where you can enjoy a top-notch 3 course meal, instead of struggling through the hustle and bustle of the cramped and busy terminal. Buy Virgin Atlantic Miles today and enjoy the incredible benefits of VA Upper Class, while staying within your budget!

On arrival you’ll find your amenity kit waiting with everything from toiletries and stationary to an optional sleeper suit, so that you can rest in comfort during your flight. Each private, spacious cabin features sophisticated recline controls, just kick off your shoes and relax in your own ottoman with a glass of bubbly in premium style…then pull out your monitor and settle in to enjoy your favorite film. There is also additional storage under each seat for your valuables, a change of clothes or additional reading material. All the more reason for you to consider buying Virgin Atlantic Miles today!

You needn’t let the altitude cut you off from business: wi-fi, power adapters and USB outlets at every seat will ensure that you’re able to stay on the go, should you so choose, even at 30 000 feet in the air…while beautiful mood lighting and sleek, sophisticated cabins and finishes will have you wishing you could just keep flying.

Besides full power adapters and USB jacks, your side panel also includes headphone jacks (plus optional headphones)and full entertainment consoles, with large screens, which offer a list of entertainment options, including movies, TV, music, games, phone and news.

In-flight, you can take advantage of the full bar, with it’s selection of fine wines, champagnes, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. When you get Virgin Atlantic miles Should you feel peckish, a dazzling three course menu with various options for each course (including vegetarian options) will satisfy your hunger and awaken your senses to the spirit of fine dining .

The luxurious convenience of VA’s Upper Class flights needn’t break the bank, you can experience all of the above at an affordable rate when you purchase miles from so please, visit our site for more details.

Frequent Flyer Miles Tips For Families

We’ve already discussed some of the best general frequent flyer tips, but what about tips for families? A top travel concern for families is how to minimize costs, as more people per vacation always means greater expenses. If looking to make the most of out your frequent flyer miles for an upcoming family holiday, check out the following tips: Continue reading

Best Frequent Flyer Tools

Want help managing your frequent flyer miles, but don’t know where to start? Check out a few helpful online tools for ensuring you get the very most out of your loyalty program(s). Compare programs, look to certain websites for tips and ideas, and much more:

Comparison Sites

Sites such as and allow you to easily compare frequent flyer mile programs and find optimal reward rates. is one option that works by typing in destinations and selecting destinations from the site’s auto-complete options. The application then calculates the air miles/points needed for the trip; select as many programs as you want for easy comparing and contrasting. works in a similar fashion and features a variety of information on program types, award options, and more. Continue reading

Fly First Class to Hong Kong for a Fraction of Regular Airfare

Hong Kong is, without a doubt, one of Earth’s most diverse cities. Both cosmopolitan and ancient, Hong Kong hosts some of the most beautiful Chinese temples and a skyline to rival even the most modern metropolises. The city has two enormous theme parks, several open-air markets, a history of kung fu legends, the heaviest bridge in the world, and the most restaurants and cafes per capita anywhere. There are numerous aquatic features, from extraordinary tropical beaches, to the harbors, bays, and fishing communities that dot the coastline. The shopping deals in Hong Kong are unparalleled. The cuisine is excellent, with amazing dim sum bars, milk teas, curries, fishball noodles, and of course, exotic soy sauce choices. Since its inception in 1842, the culture has been bursting with an international flair. And with over a hundred consulates, the city of Hong Kong is connected with the rest of the world.

So, getting there might be the most difficult part. Continue reading

Make Your Dream Summer Vacation a Reality with Airline Miles

Tourism is an expensive endeavor. Everyone wants to travel, but many people forgo their dream vacations due to money or lack of free time – but these are poor excuses! In this era of non-stop work, we’ve got to make time and save a little money for travel and leisure.

Step 1: Pick a Destination

First, figure out where you would want to go. Many people love to take trips to Europe because there’s a great deal of history and diversity in a central location. South America is also a popular region to visit for its rich culture, music and art, and of course, the beautiful seaside views. There are also several exciting places to visit in the Orient, exotic places that can alter your worldview. Or perhaps you were thinking of traveling someplace closer to home: U.S. and Canada have many terrific spots worth visiting. Continue reading

The 3 Best Airlines For Flying First Class to Europe

Whether flying from the U.S. to Europe for pleasure or business, it’s going to be a long flight. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an airline that offers comfortable flights in addition to quality frequent flyer mile packages. Let’s take a look at three of the best airlines for flying first class to Europe and what makes them worth booking:

Air France

Air France offers flights from the United States to many European countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, and many more. The airline also flies to Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia. First class passengers are offered time in a luxurious lounge before takeoff, full meals, cocktails, snacks, spa treatments, comfortable seating, personal space for working, and much more. First class service on board is also exceptional, and includes large, “gently curved” seats that transform into full beds, personal care products, hypoallergenic pillows, slippers and many other compelling features and services.

Business class flights via Air France offer plenty of room to work, noise-cancelling headphones, reading lamps, personal telephones, and numerous other amenities. Premium Economy and Economy also feature comfortable accommodations.

Air France’s frequent flyer mile program is entitled Flying Blue, and sells miles for the lowest price in the industry.

British Airways

British Airways offers flights to over 170 destinations worldwide, including many in Europe and the U.K. These include flights to Ireland, Turkey, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, England and numerous others. First class, business, premium economy and economy classes offer something “for every taste and budget,” with first class providing exclusive pre-flight lounge services that include private and spacious suites. First class passengers are also given on-board amenities, such as a wide selection of quality champagnes, wine and spirits, a signature a la carte menu, “endless hours” of entertainment options, and much more.

The airline’s other travel classes also feature excellent service and comfortable accommodations, which include refined menus in business class and large leather seats and fine wines in premium economy.

British Airways’ frequent flyer program, the Avios Miles Program, offers miles for a very low cost, and is free of hidden terms and conditions.


Marketed as “the world’s best airline,” Emirates offers flights to Europe and plenty of other fabulous destinations, with European options like Spain, Greece, the U.K., Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and many more. First class accommodations include private suites featuring sliding doors, minibars, vanity tables, wardrobes and more. Seats convert into fully-flat beds, and food options are regionally-inspired dishes with locally-sourced ingredients. Suites even include shower spas and onboard lounges!

Business class accommodations provide plenty of space to work, as well as access to the aforementioned lounge. Flat-bed seats are also available. Economy class customers can enjoy a range of complimentary drinks, including spirits, beer, and red and white wine.

The Emirates Skywards Miles frequent flyer program uses custom, transferable credit card points. The airline also vows their customers won’t be “coerced” into paying more for “winning the benefits of their earned miles.”

Whatever class option you choose, these three airlines are dedicated to making your flight as enjoyable as possible. With fantastic amenities and the best frequent flyer programs available, you can’t go wrong!