The 3 Best Airlines For Flying First Class to Europe

Whether flying from the U.S. to Europe for pleasure or business, it’s going to be a long flight. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an airline that offers comfortable flights in addition to quality frequent flyer mile packages. Let’s take a look at three of the best airlines for flying first class to Europe and what makes them worth booking:

Air France

Air France offers flights from the United States to many European countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, and many more. The airline also flies to Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia. First class passengers are offered time in a luxurious lounge before takeoff, full meals, cocktails, snacks, spa treatments, comfortable seating, personal space for working, and much more. First class service on board is also exceptional, and includes large, “gently curved” seats that transform into full beds, personal care products, hypoallergenic pillows, slippers and many other compelling features and services.

Business class flights via Air France offer plenty of room to work, noise-cancelling headphones, reading lamps, personal telephones, and numerous other amenities. Premium Economy and Economy also feature comfortable accommodations.

Air France’s frequent flyer mile program is entitled Flying Blue, and sells miles for the lowest price in the industry.

British Airways

British Airways offers flights to over 170 destinations worldwide, including many in Europe and the U.K. These include flights to Ireland, Turkey, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, England and numerous others. First class, business, premium economy and economy classes offer something “for every taste and budget,” with first class providing exclusive pre-flight lounge services that include private and spacious suites. First class passengers are also given on-board amenities, such as a wide selection of quality champagnes, wine and spirits, a signature a la carte menu, “endless hours” of entertainment options, and much more.

The airline’s other travel classes also feature excellent service and comfortable accommodations, which include refined menus in business class and large leather seats and fine wines in premium economy.

British Airways’ frequent flyer program, the Avios Miles Program, offers miles for a very low cost, and is free of hidden terms and conditions.


Marketed as “the world’s best airline,” Emirates offers flights to Europe and plenty of other fabulous destinations, with European options like Spain, Greece, the U.K., Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and many more. First class accommodations include private suites featuring sliding doors, minibars, vanity tables, wardrobes and more. Seats convert into fully-flat beds, and food options are regionally-inspired dishes with locally-sourced ingredients. Suites even include shower spas and onboard lounges!

Business class accommodations provide plenty of space to work, as well as access to the aforementioned lounge. Flat-bed seats are also available. Economy class customers can enjoy a range of complimentary drinks, including spirits, beer, and red and white wine.

The Emirates Skywards Miles frequent flyer program uses custom, transferable credit card points. The airline also vows their customers won’t be “coerced” into paying more for “winning the benefits of their earned miles.”

Whatever class option you choose, these three airlines are dedicated to making your flight as enjoyable as possible. With fantastic amenities and the best frequent flyer programs available, you can’t go wrong!